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The Images of UAP EP 15: South American Alien Sightings

Varginha Alien

During this latest episode, we discuss some of the most famous cases of alien interaction in South America, including the story of three witnesses in Brazil who saw the live alien, “A little sweaty, hairless person with red eyes and three arms.” It may have been injured in the crash of a UFO…

Also, the Peruvian fighter pilot who got into a dogfight with a UFO/UAP back in 1980. Here is the declassified document that we referred to in the episode that shows the US government’s involvement and interest in the case.

Notice those three little letters toward the bottom…CIA

Peru Dogfight Document


And here is the eyewitness testimony we spoke about to the most famous alien sighting in the history of Brazil, the “Varginha Incident.”


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