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The Docket: Two Florida deputies shot by friendly fire

deputy lane

(FLORIDA) — A Palm Beach County deputy was shot by another deputy who was trying to shoot a dog while serving a search warrant at a home near West Palm Beach. When deputies entered the home a pit bull charged and attacked a deputy prompting a second deputy to fire a shot, hitting the pit bull. The bullet went through the animal and struck a deputy. The deputy suffered non-life-threatening injuries, a gunshot to the upper thigh.
Another Polk county deputy was not so lucky.
21 year-old Deputy Blane Lane died on Tuesday during a shooting involving deputies who were serving a felony warrant.
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says that the female suspect brandished a fire arm when the entered her mobile home. According to the sheriff, two of the deputies fired their weapons as the suspect aimed the weapon at them. She was hit twice and went down, Deputy Lane also said, “I’m hit.” He was shot in the arm and the bullet penetrated his chest cavity and he died.
The sheriff’s office said that the suspect’s handgun turned out to be a BB gun and that Lane was struck by a friendly fire bullets from one or both of the other deputies.