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The Docket: Prosecutors seek new law after Austin Harrouff found not guilty, “Guilty But Insane”

Face Biting Attack
FILE – This Oct. 3, 2016, file photo, provided by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, shows Austin Harrouff. A judge will allow as evidence a video of Harrouff struggling against his restraints at a Florida hospital on the night he’s accused of killing two people. Harrouff’s attorneys say the video shows the “mental status” of the 22-year-old hours after he’s accused of killing 59-year-old John Stevens III and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon. (Martin County Sheriff’s Office via AP, File)

(FLORIDA) — This week on The Docket, a plea deal is reached that finds double-murderer and cannibal Austin Harrouff “not guilty by reason of insanity,” prompting prosecutors to seek changes in Florida law to allow, “guilty but insane” verdicts. Also, Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell is back behind bars in Escambia County after his first mugshot went viral. Listen to his new rap song “Neckst Big Thing” on Full Rigor.