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Thanksgiving tradition continues at Farmer Girl restaurant

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Thanksgiving spread with turkey, cornbread stuffing and sautéed Brussel sprouts. A meal like this can be cooked and readied to be enjoyed in multiple homes and connected via Zoom, or virtually, during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. (Sarah Crowder/Katie Workman via AP)

This morning in Lake Worth Beach, Petro Bikes started preparing free Thanksgiving meals.

“We started at 530 this morning,” Bikos said as the doors opened at 11 a.m. at Farmer Girl Restaurant.

The restaurant on Dixie Highway started giving out free holiday meals 36 years ago, a tradition started by his uncle.

“I picked up the tradition last year and we had 800 last year, and hope to do a 1,000 this year.” Biko says.

The free holiday meals included turkey, mash potatoes, corn and pie for dessert.

“I don’t have family, this is part of a family tradition or will be,” Clark said.

Bikos said he started getting prepared for Thanksgiving two weeks ago ordering a bunch of turkeys.