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Thai Restaurant Owners Sentenced to 723 Years for Seafood Scam

Two restaurant owners in Thailand have been sentenced to 723 years in prison for ripping off customers in a seafood promotion.

Thai authorities say Apichart Bowornbancharak and Prapassorn Bawornban sold vouchers to customers that entitled them to eat at Laemgate Infinite seafood buffet.

However, when diners attempted to use the vouchers, they were turned away. “It was impossible to sell such high quality food as advertised,” prosecutors argued in court, adding the defendants had no “intention to fulfill the conditions as advertised to the public.”

The lengthy sentences, handed down Thursday, are actually half as long as prosecutors wanted.

The men’s original sentences of 1,446 years were reduced after they confessed. They were also fined 1.8 million baht — or $58,500 in U.S. money.

Would crime in the United States be reduced if judges started issuing ridiculously long prison sentences?