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Texas state troopers forced to lose weight or face consequences

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Some state troopers in Texas are being forced to lose weight by the end of 2022 or risk facing consequences.
Under the Texas Department of Public Safety policy, men with waists sizes over 40 inches and women with waists over 35 inches will be forced to slim down by joining a weight loss program.
If the officers do not comply with the policy by Dec. 1st, they could face several consequences:
“Consequences may include temporary removal from enforcement role and no overtime allowance. Determinations to temporarily reassign or restrict overtime will be made by the Deputy Director over the employee’s division.”
According to the report, there are over 4,000 troopers in the course, but 200 of those do not meet requirements.
Each of the officers who do not meet the fit requirement have been notified and put on a fitness plan.
The slim-down standards were first introduced to the troopers in 2019.

A spokesperson for the department says the rule will be re-evaluated in August.