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Texas serial killer reportedly spoke at victim’s funeral

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (69)
Fort Worth police

Witnesses in Fort Worth, Texas are reporting that a man who was arrested earlier this week after an investigation into three burning bodies in a dumpster, allegedly spoke at one of his victim’s funerals.

Jason Thornburg was taken into custody on Monday after authorities found surveillance footage of his vehicle driving away from a dumpster where the bodies of 42-year-old David Lueras, and two female victims were found cut into pieces and burning.

During a police interview, Thornburg confessed that he not only killed the three people found in the dumpster, but that he also is responsible for the death of his roommate Mark Jewell in May and for the death of his girlfriend.

Authorities say Jewell’s death was still under investigation and Thornburg was a suspect in the case.

Jewell was found dead after the home his shared with Thornburg caught fire.

Thornburg admitted this week that he slashed Jewell’s neck then uncapped the gas line to the house before lighting a match.

A witness who attended Jewell’s funeral in May told reporters that Thornburg not only spoke at Jewell’s funeral but also befriended him.

“I told him there was a reason he wasn’t there that day. I prayed with him,” Scott Black said Wednesday about Thornburg not being in the home when it caught fire.   “I feel like an idiot.”

Authorities say Thornburg reportedly killed all of his victims because he had an extensive knowledge of the Bible and “felt compelled to sacrifice them.”

While Thornburg told investigators that he killed his girlfriend, authorities say they have not found a body but acknowledge that she has been reported missing.