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Texas man reportedly yells gay-slur before fatally shooting woman

Cedar Park Police Department
Cedar Park Police Department

Cedar Park, TX– A 24-year-old Texas man has been arrested for the shooting death of a 24-year-old woman near a gas pump earlier this month.
The victim, Akira Ross, was fatally shot by Jacob Stanford while she was at the Circle K convenience store with her girlfriend and another woman on June 2nd.
Cedar Park Police say they responded to reports of a shooting in the 12000 block of Ranch Road 620 around 10:00 p.m. and found Ross “lying on her back in a pool of dark red blood,” near her vehicle at one of the pumps.
She was pronounced dead at the scene.
During the investigation, authorities found surveillance camera footage showing Standford’s newer model vehicle pull up to a gas pump around 9:42 p.m. Standford then walked into the store and came out two minutes later while tucking something in the waistband of his shorts.
As Standford exited the store, a vehicle carrying Ross, her girlfriend, and another woman parked two islands away from Standard.
According to the report, Ross and her girlfriend were in a minor tiff about an incorrect food order. Ross’s girlfriend then went into the store alone as Ross stood by the driver’s door.
Surveillance video shows Standford walking over to Ross and they both “ have an exchange of words.” Standford then walked back to his car while Ross walked inside of the gas station.
The third passenger told that she continued to watch Standford because he appeared to be “suspicious,” and noticed him appearing to be looking for a weapon inside of his car.
The third passenger then texted Ross’s girlfriend to warn her that Standford was searching for a gun and to tell the gas station attendant to call the police.
While the girlfriend did get the message and noticed Standford waving a gun around outside, Ross was already walking back to the car.
“Stanford walked over to Ross and was standing at the front of her car. Stanford then acted like he was going to walk back to his vehicle, but instead walked to the rear or Ross’s vehicle,” the affidavit states. “[The witness] heard Stanford yell, ‘f—-t’ and fire three rounds. The male then ran towards his car and drove away.”
Authorities were able to locate Stanford at an apartment complex shortly after the shooting occurred.
He was arrested and his bond was set at $1 million.