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Tesla to open some of its charging stations, as Biden seeks to expand US network

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(NEW YORK) — Tesla plans to open a portion of its U.S. charging network to competing electric vehicle makers, the Biden administration said on Wednesday.

The carmaker plans to open about 7,500 charging stations across the U.S. before the end of 2024, officials said on Wednesday.

The update from Elon Musk’s car company comes as the White House rolls out new measures to expand EV charging across the country.

The Biden administration announced it had partnered with Tesla and other companies — including General Motors and Hertz — as part of a two-year project that aims to use “private funds to complement federal dollars and putting the nation’s EV charging goals even closer within reach.”

Tesla plans to install about 3,500 new stations on highways across the country, the White House said. Those new charges are expected to be open to other vehicles.

“All EV drivers will be able to access these stations using the Tesla app or website,” the White House said. “Additionally, Tesla will triple its full nationwide network of Superchargers, manufactured in Buffalo, New York.”

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