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Teen videotapes child protective services telling her to become a prostitute

HOUSTON, TX– The mother of a 14-year-old girl who is in the care of child protective services says an employee has been trying to encourage her daughter to become a prostitute.
Keisha Bazley says her daughter made the claims before but this time she caught the employee on video.
In the video, you can hear the teen ask for food. The employee, however, begins encouraging the child to go into prostitution if she wanted her needs met.
The teen’s mother who has nine children, told reporters that she went to Child protective services for help with her daughter who was acting out and constantly running away.
The department put the teen up in a hotel and assigned her a caseworker.
Since the incident, the commissioner of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Jamie Masters, came to Dallas to personally apologize to the family.
Melissa Lanford, a spokesperson for the agency also reported that the employee videotaped telling the teen to go into prostitution has been
“dismissed from her position.”
According to reports, the teen is one of dozens of teens in CPS custody that are living in hotels in Harris County.
The safety and appropriateness with which children in care must be treated is our paramount concern,” Lanford said. “Nothing less will be tolerated.”