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Teen throws baby in trash at hospital

**Viewer discretion advised**

ARTESIA, N.M–Authorities have released bodycam video showing the moment a 19-year-old woman was confronted by medical staff, police, and her mother after throwing her newborn into the trash.
The incident occurred in late January, after the teen was taken to a hospital by her mother due to back pain.
While at the hospital, the teen identified as Alexee Trevizo, was administered a pregnancy test that came back positive.
Trevizo, however, denied having sex and being pregnant.
Witnesses say at some point, Trevizo locked herself in a hospital bathroom for an extended period of time.
When she finally came out of the bathroom, it was discovered that the bathroom was covered in blood.
A cleaning crew was called in and noticed that the trashcan was heavier than it should have been.
Hospital workers then checked a bag inside of the trashcan and discovered a dead infant.
Once Trevizo was confronted about the discovery, she told authorities that she was unaware that she was pregnant and implied that the child was dead at birth.
The baby’s death was ruled a homicide on March 28th after an autopsy revealed that the infant had air in his lungs and no defects consistent with a stillbirth.
Trevizo was charged with first-degree murder on May 10. A judge ruled that she could finish the school year, won’t have to wear an ankle monitor, and won’t be under house arrest though she will have a strict 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. curfew.
She is also required to attend counseling and is permitted to travel to Texas without permission to visit family, but can not travel to any other destination without asking.
If Trevizo violates any of the terms, she will be sent to jail ahead of the trial.