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Teen suffers concussion and internal bleeding after fight at school

Ambulance Staff in Attendance

A 17-year-old high school student is allegedly recovering from a concussion and internal bleeding after a fight in the girl’s restroom at her school.
The incident occurred on May 18 at Ogden High School in Utah.
According to the student’s mother, the teen was lured into the bathroom and then cornered by a group of girls.
The teen was then beaten until she “blacked out.”
The whole incident was filmed.
The mother of the teen says that her daughter was being bullied for months before the incident occurred.
The school district released a statement saying they are aware of the incident and taking measures against the students involved:
“…One student was removed from school as soon as school personnel became aware of the incident and will not be allowed to return to school for the duration of the school year,” the Ogden School District said in a statement.
While the district would not answer any more questions due to the ongoing investigation, they did say that “appropriate disciplinary and behavior intervention steps in line with the severity of this incident will also continue.”