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Teen posts photos of dead family before killing himself

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(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Aransas Pass police and the San Patricio County sheriff’s office are investigating after a South Texas teen allegedly posted images of his dead family on social media and threatened a school before killing himself.

The incident began on Wednesday when the suspect 15-year-old William Quince Colburn III, was said to have killed his relatives and posted graphic images on a social media platform called Discord. He then captioned the images with a threat about continuing the violence at a school.

The social media site along with several other teens reported the images to police.

Authorities eventually tracked Colburn to an RV where he was said to have lived with his family.

When they arrived, they heard a gun shot and found Colburn III dead of what appears to be a self- inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities also discovered the bodies of William Colburn Jr., 63; Janna Colburn, 53; and Emma Colburn, 13.

Officials praised social media and quick acting teens for getting in contact with them.

“We appreciate the social media website and the other juveniles within the group where the threat was made,” the Aransas Pass Police Department said in the release. “Had it not been for their speedy action and continued support, we might well have been working on an even more tragic event later this morning. Thank you.”

While authorities say they are not sure which school Colburn III who was homeschooled himself, planned to attack, he certainly had the means to do so:

“I’m not sure which school he planned to attack but he certainly had the weapons and ammunition to do so,” Rivera said.

According to the report, the teen had access to at least two guns and a rifle.