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Teen crashes vehicle during police chase

Accident or crime scene cordon tape

The Indian River County Sheriffs Office is reporting that several teens were severely injured in a car crash while attempting to outrun authorities.

Officials say deputies on patrol, tried to conduct a traffic stop on a 2015 Kia Soul after it was spotted speeding out of a neighborhood with no lights on and after the driver ran a stop sign.

Instead of pulling over, the driver of the vehicle continued speeding, forcing authorities pursue them.

Authorities say caught up to the vehicle in the 1600 block of 13th St. and attempted to stop them again. The vehicle then rolled a short distance before stopping.

The driver then reportedly took off again but lost control of the vehicle on a dirt road near the 1100 block and hit a telephone pole.

The driver and the passengers of the vehicle all said to be between 15 and 20 where transported to the Lawnwood Hospital as trauma alerts.