Teen attacked for wearing MAGA hat gets signed cap from President Trump


The 16-year-old who made national news after having his ‘Make America Great’ again
hat stolen at a San Antonio Whataburger restaurant has now received a ‘replacement’ cap signed by President Donald Trump.

The attack was captured on video and displays a man throwing a drink at Hunter Richard’s face before leaving the Texas restaurant with his hat.

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Bartender is arrested for attacking teen in MAGA hat

Hunter later claimed that the man pulled some of his hair during the assault.

Police later arrested the bartender, 30-year-old Kino Jimenez, and charged him with theft.

The stolen hat was then returned to Hunter by police.

Hunter’s story along with the video went viral gaining the attention of Donald Trump Jr. who committed to sending the teenager a new hat, personally signed by POTUS via Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly followed through with that promise this week.




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