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Teacher “emptied gun” into teen son while driving him to school

AP Photo_John Raoux (42)
McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

A 39-year-old mother and elementary school teacher has been arrested after she allegedly shot her 17-year-old son to death while driving him to his new school.

According to The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, Sarah Elizabeth Hunt picked up her son Garrett Hunt from his father’s house Monday morning and drove him towards Reisel High School where she intended to enroll him into school.

At some point during the drive, she pulled over onto the side of the road, got out of the vehicle, and then proceeded to empty her pistol into the boy’s body before walking away from the scene.

“She emptied the pistol, 10 rounds,” Parnell McNamara said during a press conference on Wednesday. “He never had a chance.”

Witnesses told authorities that Hunt walked up to them in Reisel Square and told them that her son needed help and that “he was with her mother in heaven now.” She was also heard saying “What have I done? This is not real.”

When authorities spoke to Hunt, she began crying and kept saying ” I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to.”

“We’ve talked with her several times and she’s despondent over her son’s death but won’t give anybody any explanation of why she did it,” McNamara said.

Officials searched the vehicle and found a .40 caliber pistol along with a spare magazine and several empty shell casings.

Hunt was arrested and is now facing murder charges. Her bond has been set at $500,000.