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Teacher arrested after sexual relationship with student

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A 28-year-old teacher has been arrested after he was caught having a sexual relationship with a student.

Philip Velez was taken into custody after the teen’s father contacted police after finding out that his daughter was out with Velez.

Authorities say the teen told them she met Velez at a school event in November of 2021 and the two began talking. The talking eventually led to a sexual relationship, where the teen began meeting Velez at his apartment.

The teen’s sister reportedly noticed a change in her sister’s behavior and told her father that she believed her sister was up to something. She then advised her father to check her sister’s phone location. After checking the location, the father discovered that the teen was at Velez’ apartment and contacted the police.

Police arrived and found both Velez and the teen together.

The teen told authorities that she and Velez had sex around four or five times since they began talking  and that they were in the middle of intercourse when police showed up at the apartment.

Velez told authorities that she considered the teen his girlfriend.

The teacher has since been charged with three counts of sexual assault.