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Tampa deputy arrested for killing girlfriend’s cat

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A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been arrested after he allegedly stomped his girlfriend’s cat to death.
The discovery was made on August 22nd at the home the officer shared with his girlfriend.
Officials say the girlfriend told them that she and Deputy Eric Harris, who just moved in, argued on Aug. 21 about her two cats defecating on the apartment floor and climbing the furniture.
The following day the girlfriend came home to find her two cats acting out of character and hiding in their crates.
She then noticed that one of the cats had broken toenails and blood on his paws.
The girlfriend eventually decided to take the cat to a vet after she noticed that he was struggling to use his hind legs.
The vet referred her to an animal hospital for urgent care where the cat eventually died.
Concerned with the severity of the cat’s injuries, the veterinarian also contacted the sheriff’s department.
Harris told officials that he did not know what happened to the cat and that it appeared to be fine while in his care.
On Aug. 26 the Florida Department of Law and Enforcement conducted a necropsy and found that the cat had severe hemorrhaging and bruising to internal organs consistent with being stomped on. It also had facial injuries and was missing a tooth.
Harris was taken into custody for aggravated animal cruelty.
He has also been released from his position with the sheriff’s department.