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Tampa child finds gun, shoots and wounds 5-month-old baby

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(TAMPA, Florida)– An infant is in the hospital for a gunshot wound after a 3-year-old found a gun and discharged the weapon, police said Sunday.

A Florida woman who was in the house at the time, 25-year-old Paula Marie Concepcion Santos, is now facing charges of neglect with great bodily harm.

The Tampa Bay Police Department said in a news release that the 5-month-old baby was shot in the hip, however, the injury is not life-threatening.

Investigators are trying to learn how the 3-year-old was able to find and fire the weapon.

Speaking about the incident, Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor said, “Children should not be able to access firearms, and moreover, guns should always be stored in a locked safe with the ammo stored separately. Don’t put the life of a child at risk by being careless.”

Concepcion Santos has been detained and remains behind bars.