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Sword-wielding man dies after officers were forced to use a taser on him

A man who was armed with a sword has died after police in Iowa were forced to used a taser on him.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning in the city of Nevada.

According to the report, authorities were called to the area after the suspect knocked on several doors with the sword in his hand.

Officials eventually found the man sitting in a grassy area “flaying a sword,” Nevada Police Chief Ricardo Martinez II said.

The suspect was asked to drop the weapon “several times” but refused to obey police orders.

“It stays in my hand,” authorities said the suspect told them, along with several other incoherent words.

An officer then tased the suspect which allowed other officers to handcuff him and grab the sword.

The paramedics where then called to the scene to remove the barbs from the taser and at that point, they released the suspect had stopped breathing. Officials   then preformed CPR on him before rushing the suspect to the hospital where he later died.

Authorities are now investigating the incident. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.