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Suspects dress as Amazon delivery workers to burglarize home

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(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

The Milford police department is reporting that two suspects dressed up as Amazon delivery workers to burglarize a home.

The incident took place on January 10th.

Authorities say the suspects went up to the home with a package and knocked on the door.

Once the person inside answered the door, the two suspects revealed their guns and struggle ensued causing the suspect holding the package to drop it.

The suspects then fled in a getaway car driven by another suspect wearing all black.

It is unclear what if anything was taken from the home at this time.

Milford police report that they are still investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for Amazon told reporters that the suspects does not work for Amazon

“We are glad the family is safe after this horrible incident,” the statement said. “We take these matters seriously and are working with law enforcement as they continue to investigate.”