Suspected Serial Shooter at Large

(Warning: Viewers discretion is advised.)

Las Vegas police are searching for a gunman suspected of shooting four people, killing two of them, over a span of 9 days.

One of the four attacks that resulted in death was caught on a surveillance video.

On Tuesday, Police Capt.Robert Plummer of the Las Vegas Police held a press conference asking to the public for help in finding a suspected serial shooter linked to four shootings.

In the press conference, he explained that Las Vegas police have connected four different shootings and that they believed the suspect is targetting the homeless community.

Three of the shootings occurred in one day on Jan.29 resulting in the first victim being shot and killed while sleeping and the other two victims surviving.

Plummer also identified a fourth victim,  a 70-year-old homeless man who was shot and killed while sleeping on Feb.2.

Based on surveillance video, authorities believe the suspect to be an adult male that is precisely 6-feet tall and is either white or Spanish.

The suspect drives a 2016 to 2018 Hyundai Tucson, Sport Limited SUV, the color of the vehicle could be silver, grey or light blue and police urge, locals, to check surveillance video for any cars fitting that description.

Capt. Plummer concluded the press conference by warning the public that the suspected serial shooter is armed and dangerous.

The suspect is currently at large nor do police know the identity of the alleged serial shooter.

This story will be updated once more information is available.

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