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Suspect under arrest for allegedly shooting BB gun at car on Southern California freeway


(LOS ANGELES) — A suspect was arrested Tuesday evening for an alleged incident with a B.B. gun on a Los Angeles freeway. Investigators are now trying to determine if the same suspect is linked to dozens of similar recent shootings on Southern California highways.

Authorities believe that the suspects are using either BB or pellet guns to shatter car windows and terrorize motorists.

“An arrest was made this morning from an incident that occurred in Riverside County yesterday evening,” said officer Jake Sanchez, a spokesman for California Highway Patrol. “Further investigation is actively being conducted to confirm if this individual is the suspect associated with the recent BB gun incidents that have been occurring in Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties.”

The suspect was taken into custody near the 91 freeway and has not yet been charged.

Motorist Ashley Bravo was among those who have been hit during the recent sprees.

“We were driving on the freeway and we heard a big pop,” said Bravo. “I’ve been scared and saying ‘Don’t get on the freeway,’ and then look what happens.”

According to Los Angeles ABC station KABC, there were at least three similar shootings reported on Tuesday and at least 100 incidents since late April — mostly occurring along the 91 freeway.

“All of a sudden, I heard a large explosion — like a bang — in the rear, behind me. Then I started hearing glass shattering and falling,” a recent victim, Dr. Don Pettinger, told KABC. “So I checked my mirrors and figured I was possibly the next victim being shot at.”

No new shootings have been reported Wednesday and no motorists have been injured in the incidents, according to KABC.

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