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Suspect taken into custody after opening fire on another vehicle following crash

police evidence at the crime scene  car accident
crime scene shootout

POMPANO BEACH, FL– One person has been taken into custody after shooting at another vehicle following a car crash.
The incident occurred early Friday near Northwest Seventh Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard.
One of the victims told investigators that they were riding in a vehicle when it collided with another vehicle.
As they got out to inspect the damage, the witnesses say that’s when things escalated.
The driver of the other vehicle was said to be irate and looking for revenge:
“And he was like, ‘You hit us, and somebody is going to pay,’ “the other driver allegedly said.
The other driver then allegedly went to his vehicle, grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the vehicle.
The victims say the man was in the company of two small children and took off running with both of them.
The suspect was eventually located and taken into custody.
No injuries were reported.