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Suspect cuts front and backyard of home before taking off with lawnmower

Cutting Grass Getty Images from Kyle
Low image of someone cutting lawn.

Police in Texas are currently searching for a suspect who reportedly cut the grass in both the front and backyard of a home, before taking off with the homeowner’s lawnmower.
The incident occurred in Port Arthur on April 1st.
The Port Arthur Police Department reported that they were called to the home after the homeowner noticed a stranger cutting their grass.
According to the report, the suspect broke into the home to get the mower and filled it up with gas before cutting the lawn.
When police responded to the scene, the suspect fled the area still dragging the lawnmower.
The suspect eventually abandoned the lawnmower in an alleyway and continued to flee.
Authorities reviewed the video of the incident and recognized the suspect as Marcus Hubbard.
They are still searching for him.