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Suspect arrested in killing over a parking space

Hialeah police

Authorities in Hialeah, Florida are confirming that they have arrested a suspect in the death of a woman who was killed during an argument over a parking space.

22-year-old Brandon Zambrano was arrested this week for the Feb. 13 murder of Olga Fernandez.

Officials say Zambrano was visiting an apartment complex when he parked in a space assigned to Fernandez’ daughter.

When the daughter arrived home from work, she found Zambrano in the parking space and exchanged words with him. Zambrano refused to move his vehicle so Fernandez went into her apartment and informed her mother of the situation.

Fernandez then came downstairs to confront Zambrano and during the argument, Zambrano reportedly reversed his vehicle and struck Fernandez before leaving the scene.

Authorities said Fernandez became attached to the vehicle and was bragged several feet before she became unstuck.

The woman’s daughter reported that she was using the restroom at the time of the incident but came outside to find her mother bleeding from her mouth in the middle of the road.

Fernandez later died at a hospital.

Nearly a month after the incident occurred, authorities identified Zambrano as the suspect. He is now facing second-degree murder, petit theft and burglary charges.