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Suspect accused of shooting Broward officer in the face denied bond

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The 18-year old suspect accused of killing a Broward cop made an initial appearance in court on Tuesday where the judge ordered that he be held without bond.
Jason Banegas is accused of shooting Hollywood Police Officer Yandy Chirino in the face on Sunday night.

Chirino, 28, died from his injuries.

Banegas appeared in Broward bond court Tuesday morning after being booked into the county jail Monday evening. He was shackled and wearing a suicide prevention vest.
As the judge addressed him, he remained silent, kept his head down, and then finally acknowledged the judge at one point.

According to the judge, at the time of the officer’s shooting, Banegas was out on juvenile probation stemming from previous arrests. While reading the arrest report, the judge also revealed that Chirino was shot in the face, leading to his death establishing probable cause for a felony murder charge.

“I am going to hold him on no bond based on these allegations that the victim officer was allegedly shot in the face, which led to his ultimate demise,” she said.

Banegas’ extensive criminal history began at the age of 12, when he was accused of resisting an officer without violence. Some of the additional charges he accumulated after his first arrest include burglary, property damage and grand theft auto.

Last year alone, Banegas was arrested on charges of burglary, trespassing, and possessing marijuana and cocaine near a school.

The fatal shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. Sunday after Hollywood police received reports about a suspicious person in the Emerald Hills community in Hollywood. Neighbors said they noticed someone riding a bike driveway to driveway, grabbing door handles of cars in the normally quiet neighborhood on North Hills Drive near 43rd Avenue.

Surprisingly, the officer wasn’t even supposed to be working that night. Unfortunately, he took the shift and was allegedly shot by Banegas as the suspect fought with the responding officers, police said.