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Soldier saluting the USA flag for memorial day
Soldier saluting the USA flag for memorial day


Below is a list of items that we need on a regular basis to fill our packages. This list is subject to change.

We appreciate all the items that we receive; however, we cannot ship aerosol cans, pork products, tobacco, lewd/pornographic materials or alcohol. We do not accept hotel toiletries, canned food, boxes of pasta, cereal or expired and/or used items.

(prefer travel size)
Baby Wipes Baby/Foot Powder
Dental Floss Tampons
Lip Balm/Chapstick Mouthwash
Hand Sanitizer Lotion
Shave Cream Packets Sunscreen
Shampoo Body Wash
Deodorant Bar Soap
Razors Q-tips
Toothbrushes Toothpaste
Conditioner Tissues

Additional Items
Crew Socks Insect Repellent Wipes
Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape
Snack and Sandwich Storage Bags
Hand Warmers

Food Items
Trail Mix Sunflower Seeds
Individual Crackers Fruit Roll Ups
Beef Jerky/Sticks Rice Krispies Treats
Microwave Popcorn Bagged Popcorn
Ramen Noodles Candy/Gum
Dried Fruit Snacks Breakfast Bars
Individual Cookies Snack Bars
Protein Bars Cup of Noodles
Foil Tuna & Salmon Packets
Individual Packed Drink Mixes
Oatmeal/Grits Packages
Microwavable Ravioli & Mac & Cheese
Individual Packages Nuts or Dried Fruit
Peanut Butter Cups (Jif to Go)

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