Substitute Teacher Arrested for Pouring Fecal Matter on Park Benches

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Authorities in Sarasota County have arrested a 42-year-old substitute teacher after she allegedly poured human fecal matter on several park benches to get back at the Principal of the school she worked for.
The incident occurred at Urfer Park in December.
A witness told police that they saw a woman who was wearing a mask and rubber gloves going from bench to bench pouring something from a cup on each bench before smearing it in. Once the witness realized it was fecal matter, he notified the park manager who then contacted police.
When authorities arrived, they began questioning the woman identified as Heather Carpenter. Carpenter told authorities that she destroyed the park benches in an effort to disrupt a birthday party the principal of her school was throwing for her daughter because she did not like the way the principal handled a situation after she filed a complaint.
The county has since replaced all of the park benches which came to a total of nearly $1,500.
A spokesperson for the Sarasota County School District told reporters that Carpenter is no longer a substitute teacher and is no longer allowed to volunteer in any traditional public Sarasota County School.