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Student arrested for bringing loaded gun to Palm Beach high school


(PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLA) — A student was arrested on Monday after police confiscated a loaded gun the suspect brought to the Palm Beach Gardens Community High School.

The gun was confiscated without incident and was not used in a threatening manner, according to a statement released by Principal Jay Blavatt.

“The gun…was discovered after another student reported to a member of staff that he had seen the weapon,” the statement read. “Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who commits a violation of the District’s Zero Tolerance Policy Florida statute explicitly prohibits firearms on School property.”

The student, who’s identity was not released, was arrested and faces criminal charges.

“The student is also subject to strict discipline, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct,” said Blavatt. The suspect may be expelled from attending school for at least one year, according to the Code of Conduct.