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Strip club forced to shutdown after opening under claims that it is a restaurant

Mons Venus, Joe Redner strip club adult entertainment
. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

A Houston area strip club was forced to shutdown this week after it opened it’s doors under the guise of a restaurant.

Police say they shutdown Club Onyx early Friday morning much the dismay of the club’s owner who called it a restaurant with entertainment services.

The owner told police that the facility was allowed to reopen because it fell under the new executive order that allowed for restaurants to operate at a limited capacity as long as social distancing measure were being followed.

The owner also explained that the entertainers wore face mask and were not giving out lab dances which limited their exposure to others.

Despite the owner’s understanding of the executive order, police threatened to fine him if he did not shutdown the establishment, which he eventually did.

The owner also spoke to area reporters saying he is disappointed in the decision.