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Strange “rainbow cloud” footage shocks the internet

(CHINA) — Footage of a bizarre “rainbow cloud” shot over a city in China went viral racking up than 28 million views shocking the internet.

The strange video was posted on Aug. 26 showing an almost perfect rainbow circle of light emanating from the top of a dark cloud.

However, there is a meteorological explanation for this colorful phenomenon.  It is called a pileus or scarf cloud described as a smooth cloud that form atop a growing dense, puffy and white cloud called a cumulus. The formation is  due to updrafts from a thunderstorm, according to weather experts.

“The rapidly rising air in the updraft of a towering cumulus pushes against the cooler air above it, condensing the moisture right along the top of the updraft,” the Weather Network described. “The end result is a graceful pileus donning its neighboring cloud like a cap.”