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Stores put purchase limits on amount of children’s cold medicine

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(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Due to increased demand for children’s pain medicine, CVS and Walgreens have decided to enact purchase limits.
“Due to increased demand and various supplier challenges, over-the-counter pediatric fever-reducing products are seeing constraints across the country,” Walgreens said in a statement. The limits were put into place “in an effort to help support availability and avoid excess purchases.”
CVS has limited customers to two children’s pain relief products per transaction, while Walgreen has a limit of six children’s pain relief products per online transaction.
While both companies are limiting the number of purchases per transaction, CVS reported that they are working with their suppliers to increase the supply to guarantee continued access.
Sales for children’s medicine increased 65% from this time last year according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.
The Association says that parents should “contact their pediatrician or another healthcare provider for additional guidance, especially when it comes to an appropriate amount of medicine needed to get them through this flu season.”