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Staten Island Bar Shutdown, Stripped of Liquor License for trying to do business

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in Manhattan was lit last night with no one around due to COVID. Meanwhile, down the road on Staton island there were 2000 protestors outside Mac’s Public House which set up an autonomous zone to stay open and was shut down and the owner arrested by the sheriff’s department.
Staten Island Bar-Shut The Place Down 1

Meanwhile restaurants around the corner are open and serving food and drinks inside. Manager Danny Presti told Tucker Carlson that he was arrested and was charged with disorderly conduct in his own building on which he holds the lease.

The owner is facing $50 thousand in fines for defying orders to shut down because it’s in an orange zone. Besides the manager being arrested, the bar was slapped with four tickets for violating the state’s executive orders and has lost its liquor license.

The science Governor Cuomo is basing his decisions on seems a little fuzzy due to the fact that the coronavirus will not stay isolated at businesses a block and a half away from other open establishments.