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State prosecutors decline to press battery charges against West Palm cop

The Palm Beach County State Attorney has opted to not press charges against West Palm Beach police officer Nicholas Lordi, who was arrested in February over a 2019 excessive force incident against 65 year old John Monroque.

The office of State Attorney Dave Aronberg has not yet released a statement on the matter.

On Nov. 1 of 2019, Lordi and another officer responded to the Food Plus store in the 5500 block of Broadway in response to a trespassing complaint against Monroque.

Surveillance video shows Lordi first attempting to handcuff Monroque, who resisted, and then a brief struggle ensuing.

Monroque and the officer fell to the ground where Lordi placed the man in a headlock and punched him several times.

Once handcuffed, Lordi sat on top of Monroque and hit him repeatedly about the face.

Monroque was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center where it was revealed he had suffered a broken nose from the encounter.

Lordi is no stranger to trouble with more than 15 use-of-force incidents to his name along with four citizen complaints and five instances where he was disciplined.

Monroque’s attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson, intends to use the State Attorney’s Office for not allowing her client’s case to be heard.