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Squirrel stores 350 pounds of nuts in man’s truck in yearly battle

A man from North Dakota is reporting that he discovered 350 pounds of walnuts stored in and around his vehicle due to the efforts of a red squirrel.

Bill Fischer of Fargo tells reporters that the squirrel has been storing walnuts from his tree inside of his truck for years but this is a new record.

“I have been dealing with the red squirrel since 2013. This has now become a sort of ritual, with it filling my truck with nuts and me trying to remove them,” Fisher said.

The homeowner says he has found walnuts stored in nearly every part of his pickup truck including around the engine and inside of the bumper.

“The most I had ever pulled was four buckets, so with seven buckets this year, the squirrel was on a mission,” Fischer said.

While Fisher says it has become a part of his seasonal routine he has grown tired of having to remove the Walnuts and has taken measures such as putting tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper on his vehicle to deter the squirrel.

“I put in as much hard work as the squirrel when I have to take my truck apart just to remove bucket after bucket of walnuts!”

Fisher said the combination seemed to work for a year but this year, the squirrel seems to be attracted to the smell.

“I have to have a sense of humor about this after so many years,” he said.