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Sports bar employee pours chemical into coworker’s drink

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A sports bar employee is facing charges after he reportedly put a chemical substance into another employee’s drink.
The incident occurred at Red Beards Sports Bar at 144 6th Street.
Police reported that the manager of the bar came into the Zone Two police station with the victim to report that the victim believed that he was poisoned by a coworker.
The victim told police that he drinks a lot of water when he is working but on this particular day, he was drinking tea.
The victim says he left his drink in a cupholder in his work area and went outside. When the victim returned and took a sip of his drink, he noticed that it did not smell the same and had a funny taste.
The victim spit out the drink and noticed that there were little white bubbles in his cup.
He then dumped out the substance and went to the manager.
The victim told the manager that he believed his drink had been tampered with and asked the manager to review surveillance footage of the work area.
Upon looking at the tape, the manager saw another employee Gregory Evans, pouring a heavy-duty degreaser into a cup.
Evans then took that cup and dumped some of the degreaser into the victim’s drink.
The victim told police that he usually keeps to himself and is unaware of why Evans would have tried to poison him.
Evans was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges, including criminal attempt homicide, various aggravated assault charges, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.