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Speeding school bus pulled over in Boynton Beach

Virus Outbreak-Florida school bus
(AP Photo/John Raoux)

(BOYNTON BEACH, Florida)– The new school year has begun and Palm Beach County police officers are patrolling the roads, pulling over anyone that drives aboce the posted limit in school zones, including school busses.

Boynton Beach Police Officers were seen by reporters from our partners at WPTV pulling over a school bus in the Citrus Cove Elementary school zone.

The driver had just dropped off students for their first day at school and was promptly issued a warning.

The bus driver wasn’t the only one flagged by police officers in the Citrus Cove Elementary school zone.

14 warnings and four tickets were issued in front of the elementary school Wednesday.

Police always urge drivers to pay attention and obey the rules of the road while driving, but especially so while operating vehicles in school zones or construction zones.

According to DMV Florida, drivers must be attentive and focused while traveling through these areas to keep children and utility workers safe.

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