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SpaceX lands starship in test launch and it didn’t explode!

SpaceX is celebrating a successful landing of its Starship spacecraft…and no explosion!
It’s the first time the next generation rocket has successfully landed in a test launch. A small fire broke out at the base of the rocket right after landing but it was quickly put out.
The last three times the Starship attempted to land, it exploded a few minutes after touching down. In fact Texas residents living in the vicinity of the launch and landing were forced to evacuate.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk commented on the milestone, tweeting “Starship landing nominal!”

Another space fan tweeted: “HISTORY!!!!!!! On their 19th anniversary of being a company,
@SpaceX proved their Starship vehicle’s wacky landing maneuver works!!! They NAILED THE LANDING!!! That was incredible!!! Congrats
@elonmusk and the rest of the team!!!! That was unreal!!!”

Plus check out Elon Musk this weekend, he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live.

And as we just learned, what goes up, must come down. Debris from a spent Chinese space rocket is falling back to Earth and expected to crash somewhere on Saturday. We won’t know where it will land until a few hours before. The rocket was used to help take the main module of China’s space station into orbit last week.