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South Broward High School student arrested for threat

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The Broward County Sheriff’s Office says they have arrested a South Broward High School student after he posted a threat towards students at the school on social media.

The post showing a picture of a masked teen with a gun and the caption “Bouta shoot up a school,” was discovered over the weekend by several students and immediately reported to police.

Authorities identified and arrested the suspect15-year-old Trenton Wilt on Sunday.

At his hearing on Monday, Wilton grandmother says she believes he was just showing off.

“Not a whole lot I can say other than I think he thought he was showing off,” Wilt’s grandmother said in court.

Authorities also reported that the weapon in the photo was a toy.

The Broward school district said during the court hearing that they are looking to expel the teenager.

“He is currently suspended for 10 days, expulsion recommended,” she said.

The judge decided Wilt will remain in juvenile detention for the time being.

He is due back in court in late September.