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Some states seek to issue anti-abortion rulings during the coronavirus pandemic

As hospitals and medical centers continue to deal with the overwhelming amount of coronavirus cases in each state, lawmakers in several republican majority states are seeking to classify abortions as elective nonessential medical care in an attempt to temporarily put an end to them.

Many states have placed coronavirus provisions in place that have shut down nonessential businesses and cut back on the operations an essential business can take on. For the medical field, including dentistry and eye care providers, this means elective surgeries and elective care have been put on hold until the pandemic subsides.

So far states like Texas, Alabama, and Ohio have all made the choice to classify abortion care as an nonessential medical procedure, with the state of Texas going so far as to issue criminal consequences for those who seek or perform any abortion service.

Lawmakers in Texas state that the reasoning for wanting to put an end abortions during this time is due to the shortage of much needed medical supplies.

Planned Parenthood has since launched a lawsuit against Texas stating that abortions are essential as they are extremely time sensitive and that if held off, could create serious consequences for the patient.

The nonprofit also stated that since the ruling they’ve been forced to cancel or delay hundreds of appointments.

While almost all 50 states have made some sort of change to the services they are allowing, states like Arizona, Utah are allowing health professionals decide whether they want to continue allowing abortion services during this time, while states like New Jersey and Colorado says their nonessential care does not apply to abortion services.

It is unclear where lawmakers in Florida stand on the issue.