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Social distancing calls taking over emergency hotline

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public not the dial 911 to report people who are not practicing social distancing measures.

According to the sheriff’s office, while they appreciate community member’s diligence in reporting those who are not abiding by the rules, they say they have been receiving so many related phone calls to the 911 number, that it’s hindering their ability to receive phone calls from those who have true emergencies.

“People are upset. They see somebody playing volleyball. They see a group, you know, within less than 6 feet, and they call our 911 number. Please don’t do that,” Sheriff William Snyder told our news partners at WPTV.

The sheriff’s office is asking the public to instead use their local non-emergency number if you are going to report someone who is not practicing social distancing.

“Somebody violating the county commission rules, or the governor’s rules, is important. We should know about it. We will come out, and we will take care of it. But it is not an emergency, and it is not a 911 call,” said Snyder.

To find your local non- emergency number, just visit the your local sheriffs department’s website.