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Small town loses police force after every officer quits

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A small town in Missouri is currently without it’s own police force after their chief and remaining officers abruptly put in their resignations.

Officials in Kimberling City reported that the force’s three officers, a sergeant, and the Chief decided to leave their posts for various reasons.

Those with knowledge of the situation say the reasons the officers left range from complaints about the pay rate, not having the proper tools to perform their job, to wanting to better their lives.

The town’s mayor,  Bob Fritz called the resignations “unexpected.”

“I didn’t know there were that many openings in Branson West because we didn’t see an advertisement for police,” Fritz said, referring to the Chief and an officer’s decision to take jobs with Branson West Police Department.”

Fritz also reported that they are currently working on hiring a new force and will work on pay and benefit concerns with the new hires.

“We’re looking for officers, we’re looking for a new police chief, and I think we’ll be fine,” Fritz said.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Department will temporarily handle calls and fill the spaces the officers left in the 2,400 population town.

“Until then, we will be answering all the calls in Kimberling City. We can’t enforce city ordinances, but any other calls we will be handling at this time,” Sheriff Doug Rader.