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Small plane found after crashing near Boynton Beach Inlet


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — A small plane has been found in the water near the Boynton Beach Inlet after a crash, the U.S. Coast Guard said Monday morning.

The Coast Guard is searching for a 24-year-old man who was piloting the plane.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the Piper PA-28 Cherokee was flying from Palm Beach County Park Airport in Lantana to Merritt Island Airport when it was reported to have crashed Sunday night.

Foggy conditions not helping the search for a small plane that the U.S. Coast Guard believes crashed in the ocean off the Boynton Beach Inlet last night.
Petty Officer Jose Hernandez said the Piper PA-28 Cherokee which seats was reported down and sinking about a mile off the Boynton Beach Inlet about 8 p.m. Sunday.
This is the witness, a fisherman who called 911….

crash witness
Jonathan Whitmore says he was fishing on the North Pier when the plane went down. He says it was flying from west to east, out toward the ocean, when it crashed into the water.

He says at first, he and the people he was with heard a noise

“When we looked up, we thought it was a drone or something and all of a sudden we heard a loud boom and we saw the plane nose dive into the water,” said Whitmore.

“Right now, after everything is sitting in turmoil and everything, I’m more worried about the family and who lost a loved one. Quite frankly I want to call my parents right now and just say I love you quite frankly. That’s all I’m thinking about right now.”
A Coast Guard helicopter, cutter and small boat will continue searching the water for the wreckage or any survivors at sunrise.