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“Slap Box Fight” leads to charges of attempted murder in Pembroke Pines

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(PEMBROKE PINES, Florida)– Police arrested a man on charges that he allegedly assaulted another man outside a bar following what officers said was a mutual “slap box” fight on Sunday.

Eric Rodriguez, 33, of Pembroke Pines is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly severely injured another man following a slap box fight outside a Pembroke Pine sports bar.

Police say Rodriguez and the victim engaged in a slap box fight at approximately 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning in Rickey’s Sports Bar & Grill’s parking lot. 

Police say the fight began and, at some point during the altercation, the victim was knocked to the ground. 

Rodriguez, who the victim knew only as “E,” then kicked the victim in the head and face.

Rodriguez left the scene without providing aid to the injured man, who was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

 Rodriguez was arrested on Tuesday and charged with one count of attempted murder.

Police say Rodriguez is facing the attempted murder charge because of the severity of the victim’s injuries.