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The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 5-20-19

Jen and Bill live from the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, they tell you how you can win a free stay! And Trump makes a big threat to Iran. And Sheriff Bradshaw gets ready to join us in the 8 o’ clock hour.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 5-20-19

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw joins the show to discuss the Migrant Crisis and what comes next. A startling inside look from Bradshaw as to how this all started. And what’s the verdict on the final Episode of Game of Thrones?

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 5-20-19

Is this the best commencement speech ever? Hear what the guest speaker did at the Moorehouse University graduation. And Jen and Bill give you all the highlights of their stay at the Waldorf and tell you how you can win a trip there!

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Jennifer & Bill

Jen & Bill's Summer Blast at Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Jen and Bill speak with Stephen Lim, the Walt Disney World Ambassador for the Waldorf Astoria. Want to hear how to get fast passes 60 days before your trip? Stephen tells you how!     Jen and Bill are broadcasting live from the Waldorf Astoria and spoke with the Director of Restaurants, Justin Jarrett, about […]

Jennifer & Bill

Great White Sharks off U.S. Coast
Scientists have their eyes on the East Coast and a group of giant great white sharks near North and South Carolina. Researcher group OCEARCH has been catching them and attaching trackers to the animals to monitor their behavior. The biggest one they have ever tracked is named Luna and she is a whopping 15 feet […]

Jennifer & Bill

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dropkicked at South Africa Sporting Event
Arnold Schwarzenegger is okay after being blindsided and dropkicked at a sporting event in South Africa today. The 71-year-old former governor of California was visiting Sandton, South Africa for the Arnold Classic Africa. In a video of the incident, Schwarzenegger is seen filming a jump-rope competition on his Snapchat when a man jumps up and […]

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