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The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 9-20-19

Two long anticipated things are finally here today. The lines are long for the new iphone 11. And we have all of the updates from the Area 51 raid. People actually showed up!

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 9-20-19

Jay Ratliff, our aviation expert joins the show to answer some questions about this isis guy who was working for AA and about the Delta flight out of Fort Lauderdale that plunged 30,000 feet. Plus, the latest on the area 51 raid. There’s a ton of people there!

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 9-19-19

So the wall is being built and Trump went to go visit the site yesterday. These details he gave are eye opening. Plus, we have exclusive details of a secret Trump fundraiser in Palo Alto. Apparently he loves making the left crazy by saying this one thing.

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Jennifer & Bill

Airbnb Guests Turn Home Into Brothel For Two Weeks
For travelers, Airbnb is a great way to cut down on lodging costs. For the host, you really should vet who you’re handing the keys to, as a man in New Zealand just learned. While on vacation over the summer, the unnamed homeowner listed his place on the rental site, finding two women to stay […]

Jennifer & Bill

Drone warns beachgoers of a shark in the water!
Well this is a different way to warn of a shark attack, instead of the traditional way you might be used to of someone yelling “SHARK!!!” This guy in Australia was flying his drone and decided to warn people to get out of the water once he spotted the giant.

Jennifer & Bill

Military Prepared For "Storm Area 51"
While the original “Storm Area 51” event has been cancelled, more than two million people marked themselves as attending on Facebook. But should they show up anyway? A music festival is planned nearby in the Nevada desert and the Travel Channel will be on-site to document any events set to potentially take place on Friday. […]

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