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The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 5-22-20

Well, we have another Joe Biden classic. Apparently you aren’t really black if you don’t vote for him. And where do you think the best beaches are? We have the list of the top 10 best in the world. Florida makes the list! But we haven’t heard of these…

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 5-22-20

Are you wondering what the latest news is coming out of the theme parks? We have our theme park insider, Robert Niles to answer those questions. And we have sports this weekend! “The Match” will be taking place at Hobe Sound and we can’t wait.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 5-22-20

Oh geez, another “gate” for Trump. This time it’s “maskgate” 2.0 and we have all the details you need to know there. And which theme parks are opening up in Orlando and when? There’s big news with that from all the parks.

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A team of Canadian scientists believe they’ve found the secret to helping prevent and treat COVID-19: cannabis. A study conducted by the University of Lethbridge found that 13 varieties of marijuana plants can stop the virus from traveling through a body’s ACE2 pathways, which allow the coronavirus to infect a person. It does so by […]

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