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The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 8-13-20

So what does Trump have to say about Kamala Harris becoming the VP pick? Plenty of course, and now we can see his strategy from these comments. And you have to hear this story about a woman who got a picture of a chair as her drivers license id. Wow.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 8-13-20

So there’s a county in Florida that is banning masks? This is pretty interesting…especially with what the Sheriff had to say. And did Biden just make a campaign speech for Kamala Harris to become president? Sure sounds like it from this…

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 8-13-20

PBC had a big school meeting yesterday and we have some news on what they decided when it comes to your kid going to school this Fall. And the NBA bubble is about to get some visitors…oh boy. Can’t say we blame the players though.

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President Trump’s Senior 2020 Campaign Advisor and 2016 Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski joined the South Florida Morning Show to talk about Joe Biden’s running mate selection.  He said he was in the room when Trump selected Mike Pence as his running mate and at no time did the topic of race or gender come into […]

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