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Florida couple sues hospital for losing body of newborn baby
A couple has filed a lawsuit against a Florida hospital accused of losing the infant’s remains. According to Fox 13, the lawsuit was filed in early July. It states Kathryn and Travis Wilson gave birth to their son Jacob on Feb. 25, but Jacob died three days later. According to reports,  St. Joseph’s Hospital hired a […]

Featured Stories

19-year-old Florida caretaker physically abused 88-year-old man
Police arrested a 19-year-old man after he was caught on camera abusing an elderly man in his care. According to Fox 13, Hillsborough County deputies arrested Jonah Delgado who was the on-duty caretaker for the 88-year-old victim who requires full-time care for basic needs. Investigators said home surveillance video showed Delgado abusing the victim by slapping his […]

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