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Some Pretty Wild Close Encounters with Sharks Recently - Check these Videos Out!

It’s a dream of mine to swim with sharks 🦈 — Paul Golding (@GoldingBF) June 4, 2023 Terrifying moment a great white lunges at Brit on board shark tour...

Cool Dad Rules Podcast: 'From Garbage Man To Harvard Man! An Amazing Story Of Self-Belief'

Rehan Staton worked as a sanitation worker through high school and college – and now has made it all the way through Harvard Law. Plenty of obstatcles along the way...

WPTV Meteorologist Jennifer Correra Joins The Morning Show to Discuss the Start of Hurricane Season

Jennifer Correa stopped in to answer all of our questions as we begin to prepare for another hurricane season. Listen here, she was great!

We Have a Spelling Bee Champion! Florida Boy Wins the 2023 Spelling Bee Compition

BREAKING: Fourteen-year-old Dev Shah wins the Scripps National Spelling Bee with the word 'psammophile.' — The Associated Press (@AP) June 2, 2023