Markley, Van Camp & Robbins

  • Tuesday-Saturday 12am-1am

Markley and van Camp dismantle the ‘talk radio’ illusion with a brand new show on 850 WFTL. Now heard in national syndication the boomer (Jamie) and the millennial (Dave) offer a humorous take on the day’s top trending stories.

Jamie Markley is about 20 years older and has 20 times less hair than his co-host. The age brings experience, while the hair loss is just a symptom of being a former program director. A Midwesterner and family man, the former rock DJ will dazzle you with his wit and uncanny ability to remember the length of nearly every 1980s rock song. Seriously, test him! And he’s a massive Dallas Cowboys fan, of which he has no problem constantly reminding you in the off-chance you think he’s an America-hating communist.

David van Camp is a Texan, but we don’t hold that against him. The hipster millennial look, though…absolutely. DVC conveys a no-bull attitude, but then hits you with a curveball joke and a poor man’s Lindsay Graham imitation that makes you wonder what he would have become if his high school football coach didn’t repeatedly tell him to “Sack up, Nancy.” The (last) Houston Texans fan is also a former news director who somehow made it out of Mexico (Missouri) alive, even if a little less sober.