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The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-7-2020

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about how people are receiving misleading voter registration information in the mail. and mail- in voter fraud.
She responds to the Media Matters criticizing her stance on mail in ballots.
Steve Hect calls in to talk about his article regarding Obama controlling the democratic party and attempting to control and win the election and finally Joyce talks to Derek from TMZ about the Kanye West.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-6-2020

Today is Thursday!
Joyce talks about cancel culture and how Trader Joe’s is fighting back against it.
Joyce talks to Tracy Beanz of Undercover DC about Jim Comey being thrown under the bus, Biden’s VP pick, censorship, slander, and top officials not being held accountable.
Receiving random packages in the mail that you did not order? It could be part of a brushing scam. Your data is being misused by legit companies who have received it.
Churches are now being blamed for COVID.
Finally Joyce talks to Mercedes Schlapp about her interview with CNN and fighting for the truth and Joe Biden.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-5-2020

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about the explosion at a port in Beirut.
The Iranian news agencies are blaming the US military.
Congressman Brian Mast calls in to talk about guidelines that limit the number of people who can attend a veteran’s funeral. He also talks about lawmakers infringing on constitutional rights. Joyce also talk Republican candidate Darlene Swaffer about the GOP race.

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