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The Joyce Kaufman Show 10/30/20

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the freedoms we often neglect while there are men and women in the military who have dedicated their lives to fighting for our freedoms.
Joyce talks about the polling numbers and how if you have the opportunity to voted early do it because this is a life changing election.
Joe Collins who is running against Maxine Waters in California calls into the show to talk about how Maxine has never kept her promise to her community and to point out the difference between her lifestyle and the one her community is forced to live in.
Rick Gates calls in to talk about the Trump campaign and the election.
Finally Derek from TMZ joins the show to talk about the election and how many rappers are coming out to support Donald Trump.

Joyce with Derek Kaufman from TMZ 10/30/20

Election night is looming, a few high profile celebrities are siding with Trump and the celebrity world isn’t happy. Joyce also promises Derek not to gloat when Trump wins on Tuesday

Joyce's Thought of the Day 10/30/20

A democrat win on Tuesday will be the beginning of leftist fear and oppression

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