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The Joyce Kaufman Show 1-28-20 Hr 1

Thank you Don Lemon for mocking the president and showing us what democrats and liberals really think of conservatives. They believe that supporters of Donald Trump can’t read or write. The Democrats are coming after conservatives but Donald Trump is in the way. Most people love America but those who don’t are drawn to politics and academics. The attacks on the way we make and consume energy needs to stop. Many of the advances we have today would not be possible without it.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1-28-20 Hr 2

None of the charges against President Trump are impeachable. The left is only interested in their truth so they try to control the narrative in the media so that the general public comes to their side. Hunter Biden was completely unqualified for the job he was given and was only given it because of who his dad is.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1-28-20 Hr 3

Joyce talks to documentary film producer Michael Pack about his movie Created Equal about Clarence Thomas. Many of the Democrats messed up big time. The impeachment will keep them off of the campaign trail for a while. Donald Trump announces his deal between Israel and Palestine. CNN is losing viewers. The only people who watch CNN are those stuck at the airport.

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