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The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-27-20

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about how Twitter has started an integrity team to fact check tweets and how the head of the department seems to largely lean to the left and hates the President. Democrats are trying to keep the economy closed until the general election. Congress does not want to go by to work. Joyce also talks to James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation about why we celebrate Memorial Day and what effect COVID will have on the economy in the long term. He also talks about China and standing up for our freedoms.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-26-20

Today is Tuesday! FAIR’s communication director Dave Ray calls in to talk about immigration and how the Hispanic Caucus is seeking to release those in ICE custody into general population due to the coronavirus threat.
Joyce also talks about Ann Coulter’s tweet storm.

Joyce speaks to Author and Editor Steve Hecht

Joyce talks to author and editor Steve Hecht of the Impunity Observer about the ongoing situation in Guatemala, where drug cartels and others who have hidden agendas are buying their way into politics. How will this affect Guatemala? Even more so, how does this affect the US?

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